Presenting "Enter The Shade" - Curated by SOTO!

We live in Berlin! While many people come and go thoughout the year we are fortunate enough to call this city our home and no time is better to live here than spring/summer. The sun is up and out beaming positive vibes our way allowing us to actually come outside and enjoy the open airs, bbqs, festivals, dining outside, etc. With this abundance of sunshine also comes shorter clothes, less layers (if any) and of course sunglasses! There isn’t a better accessory to have during this time of year from bike rides to country side trips, sunglasses keeps our eyes safe from pollen and the high UV rays. Luckily SOTO has an assortment that caters to every customer no matter what your personal style is, from nostalgic designs from Illesteva inspired by the 1950′s with their Leonard clear tortoise shell frames to the handmade premium shades from Sun Buddies. Have a look at the gallery of our amazing shades and get ready to enjoy the summer!


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