Le-Fix " Happy Nothing" 
 - Multi Award Winning Project

The SS18 collection by Le Fix, Happy Nothing, is all about the search for what actually makes us happy in our daily life. This mission led us to the outskirts of Denmark to discover what makes the young generation, the ones located further away from metropolitan life, happy. 

Director: Ian Isak
Executive producer: Malene Dyhring

Producer: Caroline Steenberg Dam
Director of photography: Jacob Møller

Still photographer: Jesper Palermo
Editor: Anders Jon Petersen
Sound design: Samuel Lehn @ Supersonic
Composer: Simon Littauer
Production company: Honeytrap

Client: Le-fix Copenhagen

Agency: Honeytrap

Published: In-film, online & print

Location: Denmark

Year: 2018

Shot entirely on 35mm Portra 400

Using Format